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NOTICE TO CREDITORS: The Laurentian University-initiated litigation described below against Dominique and James is not settled. The University continues to spend frivolously on this matter, with recent CCAA invoices revealing that the University is spending upwards of $9,000/day on this file. To date, results from information requests suggest that the University has now spent more than $200,000 on this litigation related to property that the University values at less than $2,000. James and Dominique remain willing to settle this matter by purchasing a small piece of land from the University, and believe that settlement of this litigation is in the best interest of the University community and all University creditors.

Home situated in-part on Laurentian University campus for sale!

Listing price determined by Laurentian University’s perceived value of property.

Summary of Property Issue


In 2016, Dominique and James were recruited to work as an Emergency Department Physician and Health Researcher, respectively, at Health Sciences North in Sudbury. Dominique and James are proud Laurentian University Alumni, who collectively have obtained five degrees from Laurentian University.

Shortly after occupying their first home in June 2016, it was brought to Dominique and James’ attention that their backyard (landscaping, maintenance building, and septic system) was encroaching on their neighbour’s property, which happened to be Laurentian University.

After further research by Dominique and James, it was discovered that their purchased property had encroached on Laurentian University lands for more than 13 years and that the approximately 295 square metre encroachment represents roughly 0.0095% of the University’s total property area. After notifying the University of the encroachment, the University presented a formal proposal to Dominique and James asking them to make an offer to the University to purchase the encroached lands at fair market value. Dominique and James acted at Laurentian University’s request and subsequently presented a reasonable offer to purchase the encroached lands from the University, which included more than $12,000 for the property and offer to pay for all fees associated with the transaction.

To Dominique and James’ dismay, Laurentian University rejected their purchase offer without any explanation. Dominique and James presented an alternate proposal to the University, whereby they would exchange equal parts of land (2,891 square metres) with the University as a mutually acceptable way of resolving the issues that are jointly and adversely affecting the respective properties. They also offered to cover all fees associated with the proposed boundary readjustments, including consent, rezoning, planning, and surveying costs. As a gesture of goodwill, they offered to make a donation of $5,000 to the University following completion of the proposed property boundary readjustments. Laurentian University again rejected Dominique and James’ proposal without any explanation.

Laurentian University has refused numerous formal requests for Dominique and James to make deputations at meetings of the University’s Property Development and Planning Committee and Board of Governors.

Laurentian University Property Report

The report describes properties that are known or believed to be encroaching and/or trespassing on University land.

Property & Litigation Documents

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The Board of Governors has retained the following elite team of Toronto-based lawyers to represent the University in its lawsuit against Dominque and James

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